Birth pangs

May 30, 2010

It’s 12.20 pm on a Saturday.

I am sitting at a CCD outlet in Khan Market waiting for my wife and a cup of Cappuccino, having struggled my way through an insipid masala omelette.

A friend calls me up, saying he has taken ill after our carnivorous snack of chicken biryani, mutton curry and rotis at a shack near our office last evening.

The meal was, quoting another colleague, ‘crap’. The biriyani was soggy — it seemed to have been hydrated in Dalda before being served — the curry overawed by cheap tomato puree and the mutton pieces anorexic.

The standard of the three-month-old shack, clearly, is on a tailspin.

We hauled up the manager and he hid behind the classic excuse: “Nahin nahin, Sir. Sab kuch badiya hain. Cook to ek hi hain, Sir.”

That set me thinking.

Would I, had I been in his place, similarly deny the obvious?

Would you?


It’s 12.20 am on Sunday.

Dinner done, I am sitting on my bed, watching Julie and Julia.

My wife, a great cook and not-a-great foodie, eggs me on to sit through the film.

“If this can’t inspire you to write a blog on food, nothing will,” she says as the credits roll.


2.30 pm, the same day.

The moment arrives.

The laptop is opened and we enter wordpress.

The name… the name…

One or two words?

Foodstation? Nope, it’s an eatery in Calcutta.

Foodcourt? Nah, doesn’t have the punch.

We think Foodprint, but it’s already taken.

What about Eatink? Too sophisticated, isn’t it?

Then suddenly, in one flash of — may I say brilliance — Netdhaba is born.


8 Responses to “Birth pangs”

  1. Sharmi said

    Ahhhh…at last…you’ve shaken out of your stupor to write about your love for food!! I’m sure it’s going to be a jolly good treat everyday. Too much??? Okay, regularly then!! 🙂

  2. netdhaba said

    Thanks so much.
    It’s all because of you.
    I owe you a super meal.
    Let’s begin from tonight’s dinner.

  3. Sumit said

    Golly ho! Great start. Hoping to read something about Babai-da’s fascinating egg rolls…chowmien with cucumber dressing…Gopal-da’s leather parathas…and not to forget…Jugal-Jiban-Batu-Noren and company!!! None of your CCD jazz though, but worth a humble thread!! What say?

    • netdhaba said

      @sumit: How can I forget all those dishes?
      Every meal served — in NDP, Hindu Hostel, Maya’s kitchen (Bhalu’s house) and Bhooter Raja (remember the parshe?) — will be duly chronicled after dusting the cobwebs from my generally unreliable memory.
      Chances are, your help might be required to throw light on the twists and turns of the culinary adventures that marked those days and nights.
      Please keep reading and thanks a ton for your comment

  4. Abhi said

    Hmmm now that netdhaba is born I can hear the grinding of masalas in your brain:) Sprinkle them on your blog like a master chef in a Lucknawi biriyani joint and let the aroma waft through the blogosphere!

    Cheer ho!

  5. Sharmi said

    Wowwww…that’s chicken cooked by you, fish cooked by me….great get-up for your delicious post!!!

    • Dwaipayan said

      @Sharmi: Abhi helped me decorate the blog. So we owe him a kosha rum chicken 🙂
      PS: Thanks for your comment

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