Twist in the plate

October 15, 2012

What do you do when its lunchtime on Sunday and there’re just a fistful of cooked rice and a couple of frozen fish fillets to fall back on? Simple. Make yourself a G&T and say cheers! Rough-chop a potato, fry it in white oil even as you drizzle it with Tabasco and set aside. Now, thaw the fish and marinate it in salt, pepper, rosemary and olive oil. Heat some more oil in a skillet, fry one side of the fillets brown and turn them over. Coat the brown top in English mustard, taking care so that the sauce doesn’t dribble into the skillet while the lower side gets fried. Turn off the oven after taking the last sip

Mustard fish (Pic: Dwaipayan Ghosh Dastidar)

of your G&T and give the fish a couple of minute’s standing time. In a plate, slide in a knob of butter on the rice, the potato fries and the fish. Switch on the TV and watch Nigella Lawson seductively potter around her kitchen.


2 Responses to “Twist in the plate”

  1. Sharmi said

    Oooooo… so Nigella’s keeping you company these days!!! Men will be men…

  2. netdhaba said

    Ha ha ha! It’s the punchline of a Seagram ad! But very true. Btw, thanks for reading 🙂

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